CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Hundreds of holiday treats were sold in Charlottesville on Sunday, December 2, thanks to a nonprofit organization that plans to use the proceeds to help others.

The Cville TimeBank hosted the bake sale, which featured dozens of different homemade holiday-inspired cookies.

Buyers paid $10 to stuff a box full of treats, knowing their money will go toward helping a great cause.

All of the money raised from the bake sale will benefit the TimeBank's Repair Café.

The Repair Café is an event held by the TimeBank where members of the community help fix broken items for one another free of charge.

“One of the ideas behind the TimeBank is not only providing services to each other, but bringing people together, and so baking cookies for each other and coming out and enjoying them together and using that money to fund the repair, where we fix things for each other, is a perfect way to tie everything together," Ann Marie Hohenberger, the event coordinator of the TimeBank, says.

The TimeBank says it's on track to out raise its $800 goal set for the year.

The next Repair Café is set for March 30, 2019.