ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Lake of the Woods Association (LOWA) claims that it has identified a person it says embezzled more than $450,000 from its coffers.

A statement from the association's general manager says a former senior employee directed funds into a personal Paypal account over a period of 44 months. The association claims this was discovered after a discrepancy was found in the 2018 audit, and the association hired an outside firm to investigate.

LOWA believes no other employees were involved, and stated that it is cooperating with Orange County Sheriff's Office investigation.

It was initially believed that roughly $94,000 had been taken from LOWA, however that dollar amount grew once the sheriff's office joined in the investigation.

The Orange Sheriff's Office said it continues to pursue financial records connected to this case. Authorities have also stated that an arrest is anticipated at the conclusion of the investigation.

Anyone with information in connection to this case is asked to call the Orange Sheriff's Office at 540-672-1200 to speak to either Sheriff Amos or Major LaCasse.