ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Rivanna Conservation Alliance has released its latest report about stream health in the Rivanna River Watershed. While there is some discouraging news, the group says there are still plenty of positives.

The alliance says that 52 percent of streams in the watershed passed the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality standard for aquatic heath. Results show that 38 percent are in fair health and 10 percent are in poor health conditions.

The Rivanna Conservation Alliance uses two types of monitoring, which looks at the long-term health of the watershed as well as the current water quality. Those two testing methods are known as benthic and bacteria monitoring.

The group says that it has seen bacteria issues in developed areas which are likely from storm runoff and other things getting into the waterways.

“We’re seeing it’s about the same which is good considering that there has been so much development in the watershed and we’re hoping that with data like this, we can work with local partners to see improvements over time,” said Bacteria Monitoring Manager Julia Ela of the Rivanna Conservation Alliance.

Out of the 50 sites tested, 10 percent of the long-term monitoring sites exceeded state standards.

People can contribute in different ways to help area streams, which includes picking up after pets, maintaining septic systems, and planting buffer plants along streams.