FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The use of a rainbow flag is the center of some questions for the Fluvanna County School Board.

The Fluvanna County High School's LGBTQ club wants to alter the school's logo for its own use. A new policy may be needed to make sure school-sanctioned groups can show their pride.

“Some may think its political, some may not, but the legal definition as explained to me by our attorney is if it can be reasonably interpreted as a political symbol the teachers by policy cannot display it,” Fluvanna County School Board Chair Perrie Johnson explained.

The school-sanctioned Alliance Club at Fluvanna County High School is asking for an alternate version of the Flying Fluco's logo, one with a rainbow behind the iconic "F".

The club supports the LGBTQ community.

“The logo has been altered in the past by at least one school-sanctioned group,” said Johnson.

The School Board was supposed to take action at its meeting Wednesday, November 7, but delayed the decision, citing several issues.

“The main concern of the board is legal, primarily because the issue came up that a few years ago a journalist used the county logo - not the school logo - but the county logo on some work of his, and the county asked him to desist, and the county took him to court and he lost that case,” Johnson said. “So, we are looking into if we actually even own the rights to the logos.”

Until all that gets sorted out, Johnson says teachers putting the rainbow "F" in their classrooms would be violating school policy.

The Fluvanna County School Board is asking its legal counsel to look into who owns the rights to the logo.

Johnson says she is proud that students got civically involved.