CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The construction team working on the expansion project at the University of Virginia Medical Center stopped Friday morning to salute veterans.

Hundreds gathered for a short ceremony at the project gate entrance along Crispell Drive Friday. November 9.

Skanska U.S.A. recognized veterans in attendance with gift bags.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Dan Kuecker provided the keynote address during the ceremony. The officer says it's important to honor veterans, who are often very humble, in order to bridge gaps in the community.

"I'm guessing the 20-25 people that stepped forward, there's probably another 10 or 20 that didn't step forward. So, it really is a important in a team like this, to highlight those,” Kuecker said.

A large, American flag was then lowered down the face of the new section of the hospital while the national anthem was sung.

Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11.