ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Changes could soon be coming for drivers of big trucks who use country roads in Albemarle County to cut through and avoid Route 29 and Interstate 64.

On Wednesday, November 7, the board decided to place tractor-trailer restrictions on Miller School and Owensville roads, but members of the community say they are still torn about the decision.

"We've had a problem on Miller School Road with tractor-trailers getting hung up on the turn from Plank Road onto Miller,” Supervisor Liz Palmer said. “It’s been a relatively common problem because they can't make the turn, there’s not the radius there to turn."

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has been talking about possible restrictions for Miller School and Owensville roads for nearly a year now.

“It’s creating a problem for everybody who lives in the area and the people who are traveling through because they can't make the turn if a tractor-trailer is blocking the intersection,” Palmer said.

The board voted five to one on Wednesday night to pass a resolution banning all tractor-trailers on those two roads.

People who work in the county say the decision could hurt businesses in the area.

"If you continue to do stuff like this, you're restricting commerce,” Mark Dusci, who works in Albemarle County, said. “You're restricting people’s ability to make money off their land if they pay good tax money for the county. You can't take that away from them. And that’s what this will do."

Others say the decision will improve the overall safety on the road.

"Sharing the road with many large trucks that are cutting through to and from Crozet work sites is very dangerous,” Max Struminger, a business owner in the area, said. “The stories I hear daily about near misses and almost being run off the road terrify me."

Supervisors say their decision boils down to keeping everyone who uses the road safe. "We're hoping it'll improve safety on the road, but we're also trying to help these tractor-trailer drivers who don't realize what they're getting into,” Palmer said.

The tractor-trailer restriction has not yet gone into effect. It will first have to go before the Commonwealth Transportation Board and there’s not yet word on when that will happen.