CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With less than 24 hours until Election Day, 5th District congressional candidates are making last ditch efforts to energize voters. Democrat Leslie Cockburn is utilizing the help of her well-known daughter to accomplish that goal.

Cockburn and her daughter, actress Olivia Wilde, are campaigning around central Virginia on Monday. The two were at the Biltmore on Monday for part of the final Get Out The Vote effort before the election.

Wilde said that this election is important to turn any confusion and anger that people have into a proactive message.

"I'm really excited about this race and campaign in particular because it's a grassroots campaign," Wilde said. "There's been thousands of volunteers and now it's coming to this incredible end."

Some polls say the race for the 5th District is a tossup between Cockburn and her Republican challenger, Denver Riggleman.  The 5th District has traditionally been Republican, but Cockburn is hoping to flip it like former congressman Tom Perriello did in 2008.

The race for the 5th District congressional seat has been a heated one. Topics of debate have included healthcare, immigration, economy, and education. Whoever wins the district could play a major role in who controls Congress next year.

The Biltmore is the first of three stops for Olivia Wilde on Monday. She will be in Albemarle County on Monday afternoon and in Lovingston with her mom later on Monday night. The rally focused on young voters.

"I feel super passionate about this election and super passionate that our generation needs to go out to vote," said second year student at UVA Kathryn Williams.

Riggleman held a rally in Ruckersville on Monday morning. He will host another one on Monday evening in Franklin County.