ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Some Boy Scouts of America, along with the Order of the Arrow, had a hard day's work of service helping expand Preddy Creek Trails in Albemarle County to add more trails.

Scouts say this is one of their ways of giving back to the community.

Scouts were hard at work stomping and shoveling rocks to expand pathways at Preddy Creek Trails on Saturday, November 3.

"The mission statement of Order of the Arrow is serve and leadership and service to your community, so I feel that us being out here today is really helping to show what the Order of the Arrow is really all about," Donathan Linebrink, the chapter’s vice chief, said.

The trails are one of the most popular parks in the area, but in order to start expansion, approval was needed on the Orange County portion of the property.

"We're going to build six to eight more miles of trail back there on the other side of the creek, and then it was a little bit of a wait because we had to wait to get the approval from Orange County," Tucker Rollins, the trail maintenance supervisor, said.

Miguel Ruiz, the chapter chief of the Shenandoah Lodge, says projects like this one highlight what Boy Scouts is all about.

"It really signifies what we do as well, it really shows how cheerful service is and how it should be,” Ruiz said.

And Linebrink says he's happy all their hard work will be noticed by people who appreciate it.

“People are going to see this and think, ‘Wow, whoever did this, that was really nice of them,’” Linebrink said. “It's a great moral booster that people recognize what you're doing and seeing that what you're doing is helping."

The Boy Scouts helped put down over a mile of new trail and the group hopes that this project will teach the boys the importance of continuing to help and serve the community.