STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - A Shenandoah Valley woman is riding over 600 miles on horseback to speak out for the environment.

Sarah Murphy embarked on her trek along the entirety of the proposed route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on September 26.

Murphy says that along the way, she saw reasons to remain concerned about the ecological and economical damage the pipeline could cause.

“This guy had put a bunch of money into this fish hatchery and, you know, people go there to fly fish,” Murphy said. “They gave little cabins they rent out and a restaurant and literally right around the corner is an active pipeline route that’s coming through so if there's any type of accidents there it goes, you know.”

Murphy says she plans to continue to do what she can to prevent construction on the pipeline from proceeding. She says she plans to be back home in Staunton in about a month.