CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Physical education teachers at Charlottesville High School are getting a lesson on guns, kids, and safety.

Charlottesville's Moms Demand Action is collaborating with Charlottesville City Schools to join the conversation about gun safety with Be Smart training.

“If we can learn to teach the communities and get the message out to safely secure our weapons, we can keep all of us safer,” Kristen Martin, Moms Demand Action's Richmond volunteer, said.

Moms Demand Action is spreading a message to “be smart” to the city’s physical education teachers on Friday, November 2.

"It goes well with the message,” Martin said. “I mean, they're teaching health and safety, right, and it's important to learn gun safety to learn for kids."

SMART is an acronym to practice gun safety: Secure your gun, Model responsible behavior, Ask about unsecured guns in other homes, Recognize the risks of teen suicide, and Tell your peers.

"I probably wouldn't have thought to, you know, when I take them to a babysitter to even ask my babysitter, do they own guns, and I'm pretty sure some of them hunt and do stuff like that and they probably did have guns around and it is an eye-opener,” Ronald Green, a P.E. teacher at Greenbrier Elementary School, said.

“Seventy percent of the children under the age of 10 knew where the weapons were stored and 36 percent of them actually had handled it,” Martin said.

Green says he’s glad someone reminded him of ways to keep students safe.

“I appreciate the fact that someone's kind of refreshed me to the fact that it is very dangerous and kids will be kids,” Green said.

Moms Demand Action hopes that addressing gun safety in Charlottesville's schools will encourage school systems like Albemarle County and others in the area follow suit.