GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A piece of history in Greene County is packing up and switching hands after several owners and volunteers became ill.

The Vietnam War Foundation and Museum is moving to Nelson County, but before it goes, its welcoming people to take a final visit.

The original founders and volunteers of the museum are Vietnam veterans. They have been giving tours for almost 10 years, but their declining health is forcing them to take a step back.

Founder Craig LaMountain has been teaching Vietnam War history for 30 years. He started out bringing war memorabilia to schools and in 2009 officially opened shop in Ruckersville.

LaMountain, along with other veterans, show visitors what it was really like 50 years ago to be a soldier. The hope is to pass the priceless history to the younger generation.

“I enjoy it when you have students or people because we have a lot of different groups,” LaMountain said. “They’re really listening. You can tell when a person’s listening to you and that’s what’s important and the more they listen the more I’ll talk. You’re getting to them, and that makes my day.”

LaMountain has cancer, which he says was caused by Agent Orange during the war. He said he can’t take care of the museum anymore and wants a younger generation of volunteers to take it over.

Nelson County will take over the reins. It is still up for debate as to where the location will be, but until then, LaMountain is inviting people to come out for an open house tour on Veterans Day.

The center will officially close its doors at the end of December.