CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The group tasked with holding Charlottesville's police department accountable is one step closer to finalizing what its responsibilities are.

At the Police Civilian Review Board’s meeting on Monday, October 29, the board looked at how it should handle what it calls a lack of transparency in the department.

This initial sitting civilian review board has been asked by the city to create a set of bylaws for future boards in hopes of improving relations between police officers and the community.

On Monday night, while finalizing its bylaws, the board discussed the importance of promoting transparency within the Charlottesville Police Department.

The board wants data from the department regarding stop-and-frisks, civilian complaints of police misconduct, and incidents involving use of force.

Board members say getting access to this information can help keep the police department accountable.

"I think that we are here because this is what the public has called for, it’s called for some kind of board of accountability,” Sarah Burke, who’s on the board, said. “And if we say that we need all of this information to know what's going on behind closed doors, if we don't get that, then that tells us they're not willing to share that information and be transparent."

The board also discussed getting clarification from the police department on how it’s currently collecting stop-and-frisk data.

The Police Civilian Review Board will vote on the proposed bylaws at its next meeting on November 13, and it hopes to bring them in front of City Council sometime shortly after that.