CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Jim Ryan, the University of Virginia’s newly inducted president, is working to bridge the communication gap among members of the UVA community.

On Monday, October 29, he listened to students and faculty members on what kinds of changes they want to see at the university.

President Ryan lead a discussion called Ours to Shape that focused on three main topics: things that make UVA great, things that need improvement, and "outside the box" ideas for the future.

Students and faculty packed inside Garrett Hall on Monday for the sold-out roundtable.

Attendees were split into diverse groups as President Ryan presented each topic separately and then asked each table to brainstorm ideas.

Afterward, he called on each table and listened to what everyone had to say.

While people listed many strengths the university has, they also recognized that it has its weaknesses.

“People are really happy to be a part of this community,” Margot Rogers, President Ryan’s special advisor for strategic initiatives, said. “They recognize that there are special elements about UVA that they don't want to see changed at the same time that we have work to do to become the sort of truly inclusive community that we want to be over time and to continue to be competitive among our peer institutions."

UVA’s goal is to listen to these ideas and decide which specific initiatives the university will undertake in the future.

Another Ours to Shape roundtable will be held November 27.