CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The long-awaited reunion between a Culpeper woman and her pet parakeet took center stage in Charlottesville on Saturday.

After more than two months of not seeing her 3-year-old lime green Indian ringneck parakeet, Pam Alvey became reunited with Kiwi at the University of Virginia’s Lawn on Saturday.

On Augusta 14, Kiwi flew off of the shoulder of Alvey’s husband through an open door. It was not until last week that Kiwi sat on another person’s shoulders – this time at the home of Thomas Jefferson.

After his escape, Kiwi made the 40 mile flight from Culpeper to Monticello in Albemarle County, where the bird made himself right at home on a security guard’s shoulder. According to Assistant Security Director at Monticello Paw Neilson, securing Kiwi was no easy task.

“The officers were standing at East Walk and out of the blue, this green bird flies out of the tress and just lands on their shoulder, so you know they’re all up there like ‘wow’ so they’re trying to get it and grabbing it but it’s running to the other side,” Neilson said.

Word of Kiwi’s capture made its way back to Alvey, who was shocked. Alvey's neighbor saw a post on Monticello's Facebook page with Kiwi in it.

“Last Saturday, my neighbor came running to the house saying ‘Kiwi’s at Monticello!’ and I’m like ‘no way!’” Alvey said. “I thought he was gone.”

Between his capture and his reunion with his owner, Kiwi got special care from the security officer at Monticello, often showing off his sense of humor.

“When we let him out of the cage, he flies right out of his cage into the bathroom and sits right on the counter, looks in the mirror and starts rattling off all types of stuff like ‘peak-a-boo’ and ‘you’re a  good boy’ and ‘give me a kiss’ and he starts kissing the mirror,” Neilson said.

Neilson kept Kiwi at his home with his two daughters, where one of them drew a picture of Kiwi to give to the owner and presented it to Alvey at their reunion on Saturday.

“In my book, this is a miracle,” said Alvey, who started crying with happiness at Saturday’s reunion.