CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A statewide garden club is working to keep food clean.

The Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) is encouraging everyone from hobby gardeners to corporations to consider organic solutions over pesticides.

Each year the garden club hosts a conservation forum for its members and the public. This year's forum took place at the Paramount Theater Thursday, October 25. Attendees took some time to learn about the impact that pesticides and pollinators can have on the environment.

Speakers touched on the ways pesticides can harm wildlife, and people. GCV President Jean Gilpin says fresh food that has been sprayed with pesticides may not have as many health benefits.

“When you eat an apple you'd like to be sure that you're actually getting the health benefits from the apple. If it’s been sprayed and if the seeds have been sprayed and the trees have been sprayed and they're filled with chemicals we’re learning that that's really not a good thing,” Gilpin said.

The conference also featured solutions to pesticides, including some organic products being used by golf courses.

Members of the Garden Club of Virginia say anyone is welcome to join them on January 30, 2019 to speak with legislators about clean air, water, and soil.