CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People injured while protesting white supremacy in Charlottesville on August 11 and 12, 2017 will not face costly medical bills.

The University of Virginia Health System announced it will absorb all out-of-pocket costs for people treated at UVA facilities following the violence that broke out in connection with Jason Eric Kessler’s Unite the Right rally, including the torch-lit white supremacist march on UVA Grounds on August 11, and events in downtown Charlottesville the following day.

The Charlottesville Patient Support Fund received more than $20,000 in donations to help pay for bills not covered by insurance.

The University of Virginia Office of the President has been sending out letters to inform patients.

Patients injured on August 11 and August 12 who have questions related to billing for care and treatment can contact Kris Seymour at the UVA Medical Center at 434-297-5376.

The UVA Health System has absorbed out-of-pocket medical expenses for care not covered by insurance for those injured around the Jefferson statue and downtown on August 11th and 12th, 2017.

The Charlottesville Patient Support Fund, established by the UVA Health Foundation, received $20,340 in donations to help cover those out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Since insurance billing may be continuing, it is possible that individuals may be contacted by their insurance companies and asked to provide information. Also, in some cases, patients impacted by the events of August 11-12 may have been treated by UVA providers other than the Medical Center, such as UVA Imaging or UVA HealthSouth, where the billing process is not controlled by the Medical Center. So it is possible that billing statements were sent to some of these patients. As those cases have come up, the Medical Center has asked those other entities to also absorb any out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.

Recently, the President's Office has been reaching out to determine if anyone still has outstanding medical bills to make sure we are meeting their needs.

Patients injured on August 11-12 who have questions related to billing for care and treatment can contact Kris Seymour at the Medical Center at 434-297-5376.