RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - When voters head to the polls in November, they will notice two proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot.

One of these amendments deals with people who live in recurring flood areas. Voters from across the state will decide if localities should be authorized to provide partial tax exemption for property in flood-prone areas in improvements to prevent this sort of thing have been made.

The amendment came from the Virginia Beach area, where flooding is a concern. Supporters of the amendment said this could be helpful in areas where land value has decreased because of flooding and some low-income home owners.

Lawmakers said they are trying to give localities the ability to address problems in recurring flood areas.

“It’s important for people to understand that this will only allow localities to provide some tax relief in the event of recurring flooding,” said Delegate David Toscano of the 57th District of Virginia. “It does not require localities to do it and it does not state how the localities will do it.”

Del. Toscano said if the amendment is passed, the structure of how localities structure will be left to them to decide.

If voters vote in favor of the amendment, the General Assembly will allow localities to provide those partial tax exemptions.