CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia’s health commissioner kicked off a state-wide listening tour with a town hall at the University of Virginia on Wednesday evening.

Dr. Norm Oliver is traveling the commonwealth in hopes of getting a better understanding of public health, starting at UVA. One of the topics he touched on was how housing and healthcare should go hand-in-hand.

Oliver was appointed by Governor Northam in June and was previously chairman of the family medicine department at UVA’s Medical School.

The primary focus of Wednesday’s discussion was on how people’s housing directly correlates with their health. He explained how often those living in poor conditions, such as an old home with lead windows, could deal with lead poisoning issues.

Oliver said members of the community need to act in order to address health issues.

“Health is local and one of the things that I want to do is not just hear what the local health concerns are but try to help motivate people to understand that it’s what they do in their local areas that’s going to result in improving their health and well-being,” Dr. Oliver said.

Members of the audience also had the chance to ask Oliver questions about how exactly we can move forward on a number of health issues.

Over the next six weeks, Dr. Oliver will travel to places such as Roanoke and Hampton Roads to hear concerns from people across the commonwealth.