ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A ban on plastic bags and straws dominated a discussion about legislative priorities for the upcoming Virginia General Assembly session.

Albemarle supervisors are pushing lawmakers for the ability to do that and more.

Supervisors met behind closed doors on Wednesday, October 10, where they talked about issues surrounding the county's courts located in downtown Charlottesville.

The court issue is one of several priorities for supervisors.

A ban on plastic bags and plastic straws could be on the horizon for Albemarle County, if supervisors get their wish.

"There are municipalities that have a hard time with plastic bags,” Liz Palmer, an Albemarle County supervisor, said. “So it seems like we could, there would be some support from some industries."

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors met Wednesday afternoon to go over the 2019 legislative priorities, which is basically a wish list from the board to lawmakers in Richmond.

“If the legislature had the leadership to do this, everything else would take care of itself very quickly,” Ann Mallek, a county supervisor, said.

The board says the move would reduce stress on stormwater drains, water treatment plants, and the environment.

Supervisor Rick Randolph and others are hesitant to move forward with a request to increase the antique car age from 25 to 30 years.

"The whole classification I understand was supposed to be used to take your car to a parade or something,” Mallek said. “Not to use it every day for 30,000 miles per year for commuting, and that's grossly abused."

The board also agreed it would back a ban on certain guns in certain areas, if Charlottesville leaders move forward with it as well.

The request got denied in Richmond earlier this year.

“This is a degree of lethality that is most associated with a war zone, not associated with civil buildings that are designed to accommodate discourse about issues before the public and public officials,” Randolph said.

Staff will go before the board again on November 7 to finalize the list. Supervisors will meet with state lawmakers in late November or early December.