RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Some Virginian households that mix prohibited items with their recycling may soon see an "Oops!" sticker on the bin that says why it wasn't collected.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Sunday that local recycling companies are being pressured to crack down on households that mix prohibited items such as pizza boxes into their recycling bins. China has been the biggest importer of U.S. recyclable mixed paper, cardboard and plastics. It's now rejecting shipments that have too much trash mixed in.

The executive director of the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority, Kimberly A. Hynes, says the new restrictions are having a worldwide impact and driving down demand for some recyclables. Hynes says the "oops" sticker is meant to raise awareness about the regulations and is rolling out in Richmond, Chesterfield and Henrico.

Information from: Richmond Times-Dispatch,

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