CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Before they get to shop, attendees at Martha's Market will get a chance to come face-to-face with some of the women who benefit from the money raised.

The shopping fundraiser has a new addition to remind people it's not what they buy, but why their purchases are important.

Susan Webb, the chair of Martha's Market, has given to and taken from the breast cancer services at Martha Jefferson, and she wants everyone to know how she got help from the shoppers at Martha’s Market.

“I used to come and shop and I just, you know, shopped,” Susan Webb, the chair, said.

After 25 years of fundraising, she felt that some, herself included, had forgotten the significance of the market.

“I wanted to bring it back and remind people in the community how much good our foundation is doing, and our Women’s Committee because we have given five - over five-and-a-half million dollars to the foundation,” Webb said.

Webb was inspired to join the Women's Committee that plans Martha's Market after she was diagnosed with - and later beat - breast cancer.

“When I was going through my breast cancer journey, I was given so many gifts from the Women's Committee,” Webb said. “They just kept coming, and it was very nice to know that somebody had been thinking about me and had anticipated my needs.”

This year, the shopping experience is secondary to the Gallery of Hope, which features pictures of women, including Webb, who have been affected by breast cancer.

Webb says that after being supported by and supporting the foundation, the gallery was the way to show people what the event is really about.

“I just came up here, I was alone, I just bawled my eyes out because I looked around, I saw all these brave courageous women,” Webb said.

Katya Spicuzza, who founded the Women's Committee, says she's proud of where Martha's Market has gone.

“But to start this market, that’s one thing that wasn’t too hard, but to have these young ladies carry that on is unbelievable,” Spicuzza said.

Martha Jefferson plans to keep the gallery of hope alive by using the portraits in future fundraisers.

The fundraising will continue on Sunday, October 7, tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.