ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital hosted a safety fair on Friday. The fair featured a lot of fun, but also some important lessons.

Hospital staff talked about CPR training and stroke prevention, among other subjects.

“Safety at Sentara Martha Jefferson is really the foundation of care, so you can’t get the quality or the excellence of patient care if you do not have the foundation of safety,” said chief nurse Johnsa Morris.

Hospital staff wanted everyone to be informed to continue to provide the best care. Nurses provided tips to prevent getting sick during the flu season as well.

“We are getting some great reactions from our staff,” said safety coordinator for Martha Jefferson Susan Wenzel. “There is so much laughter going on right now, which is exactly what we want to do.”

To hospital staff, safety also means making the hospital experience less scary.

“At some point in time, pretty much everyone is going to be a patient or a visitor or a family member in a hospital setting and the less intimidating that we can make it the more understandable and relatable that we can make it, the safer it is,” Wenzel said.

The hospital wants people to ask questions and encourages everyone who may not understand something to speak up and ask for information.