CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville man is giving back to the community by helping feed the homeless with supplies from his own home.

Jason Peters, who goes by the name Rhythmic, says he feels the need to help others who are less fortunate to pay forward his blessings.

In September, Rhythmic and his partner Mark Jones took 50 sandwiches to the Downtown Mall to hand out to the homeless.

Many people don't know about the gesture, and they are trying to get the word out to help as many people in need. And with winter coming soon, they are also giving out gloves, scarves, and blankets.

Rhythmic says that one morning, something told him to go out and help who lack the things he has.

"I woke up one morning and I heard a voice say, ‘get up and go help somebody,’ so I walked in my kitchen and I fixed 50 sandwiches and 50 bags and snacks and waters and I went out and it's just like a, from above if you wanna say,” Rhythmic said.

Feeding the homeless will take place the first Saturday of every month on the Downtown Mall.

Right now, jackets and coats are needed for the cold weather coming up and organizers are hoping people will donate some items.

If you would like to help, click here.