CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A defense attorney is criticizing Charlottesville police yet again for not having enough information on stop and frisk procedures in the city.

Attorney Jeff Fogel held a press conference outside police headquarters Monday to address the racial issues of stop and frisk throughout the Charlottesville Police Department.

Earlier this year, in the statistics show that out of the 125 stop and frisks reported in 2017, 91 of the people stopped were African American.

Fogel brought up the issue of stop and frisk during Monday’s Charlottesville City Council meeting where councilors agreed that the department needs more transparency. "They’ve got a serious problem, a really serious problem,” he said. “If this is not addressed, then nothing is going to be addressed when it comes to police activity in this town."

"The consensus on the council at the time was that we wanted to have more transparency about that process and more accountability so if we can get a report from the police chief about where we are specifically on stop and frisk and data gathering and what's being analyzed and what can be released,” said Charlottesville City Councilor Kathy Galvin.

This is the sixth year that 70 percent of documented searches involve African Americans.

According to a police spokesperson, Chief RaShall Brackney is expected to comment on the issues raised by Fogel on Tuesday.