MADISON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The two candidates vying for a seat in Congress are going head to head for the second time in Madison County.

With Election Day quickly approaching, 5th District congressional candidates Leslie Cockburn and Denver Riggleman took the stage at Madison County High School on Thursday, September 20, to address major issues facing this District.

"We do have opposing viewpoints on how to fix things, but you are looking at two people who have never run before," Riggleman, a Republican, said.

Cockburn and Riggleman are discussing their stances on various policies, starting with health care, as they attempt to win the 5th District congressional seat that’s being vacated by Republican Tom Garrett.

“We need to restore the Affordable Care Act, we need to restore the subsidies, we need to restore the individual mandate,” Cockburn, a Democrat, said. “Without the individual mandate over 10 years, 13 million people will not be covered."

Both candidates agreed that health care is a top priority.

"I think we both see the problem, I just also think there’s polarization on issue on health care,” Riggleman said. “I don't think we need an Obamacare, I don't think we need a Trumpcare, I almost think we need a bipartisan care."

Candidates also discussed issues regarding tax reform.

“Those people who are not major corporations and who are not the wealthy, who are receiving some small benefit - that will end, it is temporary, and if it is not temporary then a lot more will go on to the deficit," Cockburn said.

"Enough of the spending and enough of those things that are destroying our republic, because lobbyists and government get together and they take and take and take, and they never give back,” Riggleman said. “I will make sure that tax reform does not sunset."

Candidates also took the chance to take some personal jabs at each other.

“Denver, if things are going so well, why do you want to move your operation to Pennsylvania?" Cockburn said.

"So I know you drove down from Washington, so I'm going to explain economics to you real quick," Riggleman said.

Both congressional candidates are set to meet again for their next debate on Friday, September 28, at the University of Virginia.

A fourth debate is scheduled for October 8 at Piedmont Virginia Community College, and a final one will be held before voters hit the polls on November 6 with a location and time still to be determined.