CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The issues regarding parking in Belmont will be on the agenda for the Charlottesville City Council's meeting Monday.  

The Council will decide whether or not to designate the Belmont area as a parking zone, which would allow people living there to apply for future residential permit parking. 

City officials say neighbors living in the area have complained for years about difficult finding a parking spot anywhere near their houses.

“It is chaotic. There's been several times that I've gotten complaints of people double parking, blocking driveways in, you know all those kinds of things,” said Brennen Duncan, the City Traffic Engineer. 

According to Duncan there are currently no parking zone established for Belmont. 

The council will decide whether or not to create a zone for the Belmont area.

“It will give the neighborhood several months to kind of pull together petitions if they would like to be on the next round for consideration” said Duncan.

However, those frequenting the Belmont area for its restaurants and nightlife say the permits would negatively impact businesses. 

“There is a lot of mixed commercial and residential purpose here. I would be in favor of some permits, but no a whole lot,” said Kevin Hearst, a regular Belmont visitor.

Officials hope to find a compromise. 

“There may be some overlap and backlash from the patrons of those restaurants, but we're really trying to strike a balance there,” said Duncan.

If the council decides to approve the zoning, the next round of applications for residential parking permits are expected to go out in February. 

The zoning would only apply to residential streets in the area, so those directly in front of commercial areas downtown would not qualify for permits.