CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Following a triple shooting in Charlottesville last weekend, the Police Civilian Review Board is working to figure out how to help investigate what happened.

On Tuesday, September 11, during its monthly meeting, board members discussed what steps to take in order to regain the trust of the Westhaven community following an officer-involved shooting over the weekend of September 8 and 9.

“By and large, people don't trust law enforcement for whatever reason, for various reasons, so they need an outlet," Don Gathers, who’s on the board, said.

During its meeting Tuesday night, members of the board discussed its role in the community when an incident such as this one occurs.

"If people have concerns, legitimate concerns they need to express, they need help with we have got to do everything that we can to protect them in every way that we possibly can,” Gathers said.

Board member Rosia Parker lives in Westhaven where the shooting took place, and she says the board needs to learn how to gain the trust of the community.

“Our community is kind of traumatized right now, you know, after the shooting,” Parker said. “They felt that they were being violated, even though they knew police had been hurt or whatever, but as a resident they had that right to be able to look at what was going on."

Parker says people who live in the community have concerns about the incident over the weekend, but don't feel comfortable coming forward to police.

"They feel that there’s going to be repercussions if they say anything, but I want people to understand that whatever they say to me I will protect you,” Parker said.

Other board members say they want the community to feel safe coming to the board with issues regarding the police department.

"So I'm asking people out there, if you have complaints about officers, if they are out here doing wrong, we're asking you to come forward,” Katrina Turner, who’s on the board, said.

Tuesday night, members of the Police Civilian Review Board announced that they will start meeting with Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney beginning next week.

The board’s next meeting is scheduled for September 25.