ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - While it is still unclear how much rain central Virginia will see, the chance of falling trees is high as Hurricane Florence approaches. For the Virginia Department of Transportation, this means all hands on deck.

VDOT officials said they are doing everything they can to prevent flooding and debris on roadways, but warn that the roads are not designed to withstand 10-plus inches of rain.

Officials said they have all of their crews preparing for the storm by cleaning out drains and drop inlets. They are also warning drivers to stay off the roads and keep an eye out for potential landslides and areas prone to flooding.

VDOT said their first priority is making sure emergency teams are able to use the roads in order to respond during and after the storm.

“We have a number of contractors out there,” said Joel DeNunzio of VDOT. “They are two man crews with pickup trucks with chainsaws and what they’re required to do is open the roads back up if trees fall in the road. We do expect a number of trees because of high winds and saturated soil.”

VDOT said that while they will do what they can do to make roads safe, they have to make sure they stay safe if high winds come in. It is also coordinating with utility companies to combat power outages if trees or power lines go down.