CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville’s Region Ten Mental Health Services Board of Directors is under fire as community members questioned the legality of the makeup of the board on Monday.

Former Region Ten client Myra Anderson, alongside other members of the Be Brave Action Alliance, spoke during Monday evening’s public comment period alleging that the makeup of the board does not meet two critical requirements.

Anderson and her supporters claimed state code requires that the board must at all times contain a current Region Ten patient and one-third must be made up of patients or family members of patients. They say that currently, neither of those requirements are being met.

Board chair Brian Pinkston responded to the concern during the meeting, saying he believes the board meets the requirements. However, due to privacy concerns, Pinkston does not want to identify who on the board is a patient or family member of someone receiving treatment.

“I am concerned because I do not feel that there is adequate consumer voice on this board and I think because of that it is very evident that we have come here multiple times and I almost feel like what we’re saying is upon deaf ears and nothing is being done,” Anderson said.

Be Brave Action Alliance also raised concern about a lack of diversity among councilors at Region Ten. Speakers said Region Ten lacks African-American counselors and questions how the facility can help address racial trauma among patients.

The Be Brave Action Alliance stated that these concerns stem from a lack of diversity on the Board of Directors.