ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A race called the Guardians’ Gauntlet took place on Saturday to raise money for the Albemarle County Police Foundation, which helps support law enforcement through scholarships and housing. 

The race involved obstacles, some of which emulated officer training scenarios. The 5k obstacle course included a "frogger” challenge and a slide across a police car.

This was the fundraiser's third year.

“It's a real team atmosphere. Everyone’s coming together and helping each other through the obstacles and it’s good to see that integration with the community and everyone coming together for a fun cause,” said Sergeant Timothy Carrico of the Albemarle County police department. 

Participants had the option of calling for backup as they approached obstacles. “You might get assistance from a police officer on the course. Realize that they're here to serve and protect,” said race director Matt Hodges. 

Hodges also hoped to spread the message that officers are there to help outside of the course. “We want people to know in Albemarle County, our police officers are approachable, that you can ask them questions, that a traffic stop doesn't mean that things are gonna escalate. It means there to help you out or to make sure that our community is safe.” 

All of the participants successfully completed the race.