CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A congressman from a famous political family made his way through central Virginia Friday night while speaking on a number of issues regarding the state of American democracy.

Congressman Joe Kennedy III represent Massachusetts’ 4th District, but has been traveling the county hearing concerns from college students, which included the University of Virginia on Friday night.

During the visit, the UVA Center for Politics presented Kennedy the same bible his great uncle, President John F. Kennedy, used when he was accepting the presidential nomination in Los Angeles in 1960.

Kennedy answered questions from crowd members on a number of issues – including health care, gun control, and climate change. Kennedy says keeping young people engaged politically is vital to the democratic process.

“It was great for me to see, to interact with a really engaged community and hear the issues that are on their minds and know that as our political system turns toward the general election in November, you got a younger generation that’s going to play an active role,” Kennedy said.

Members of the audience got the chance to meet the congressman following the event.

Kennedy said he hopes that by going to different localities across the county, he can encourage more young people to get involved in the political process and get registered to vote.