CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The University of Virginia’s Miller Center for Public Affairs is facing backlash after a series of offensive emails have come to light.

The emails were made by a former member of the governing council last year regarding women who work at the center. Three members of the governing board of UVA’s Miller Center have resigned or stepped down in the past year following allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Fred Scott Jr. resigned from the governing council of the Miller Center on Friday after a series of sexist emails from 2017 came to light. Representatives from the Miller Center said they were only made aware of the emails following a Freedom of Information Act request made by Politico Magazine which immediately prompted an internal investigation leading to the resignation of Scott Jr.

"So the Miller Center leadership was not in anyway trying to ignore these incidents or sweep them under the rug, they were unfortunate incidents that, you know, as we all know, as a result of the me too movement, you know, these things happen in a lot of workplaces and that's because workplaces employ human beings and a human beings make mistakes. But the Miller Center was...has been and continues to be committed to creating a workplace that is free of any kind of harassment," said Howard Witt of the Miller Center. 

Witt also said the Miller Center has, and continues to be, committed to creating a harassment-free workplace. Miller Center representatives say all staff members are required to take part in training sessions regarding issues of sexual harassment.

According to Scott’s resignation letter reported by The Daily Progress, Scott states that he struggles to understand the reaction to his attempt at offering generosity and encouraging fun among coworkers, but nevertheless has no interest in putting anyone in an awkward situation.

Editor's Note:  This article has been updated to correct the transcription of Witt's quote.