CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Students at Clark Elementary School (CES) are benefiting from newly renovated and more modern classrooms.

The Charlottesville school got an interior makeover this summer, and fourth grade classrooms now include comfortable furniture, relaxed lighting and even book nooks.

“The students love it, especially the lighting. It allows for them to feel comfortable in the space," said teacher Melissa Powell.

"Now it’s much newer and more modern. And I like the old design, but I think the newer one is a lot more today and it’s going to be easier to work in," said student Neva Boyd.

These updates at CES were part of the city's school modernization plan, and cost around $1 million.

VMDO Architects actually worked with students and teachers at CES to make sure the classroom updates best reflected everyone's needs.

"I felt like I had won the teacher lottery," Powell said.

Every classroom at the elementary school received some kind of update.

"Our other homeroom classrooms did receive furniture, flooring in some cases, a painting, upgrades with technology," CES Principal Anna Isley said.

The fourth grade classrooms will serve as a model for what a modern classroom actually looks like at CES. The hope is that one day the rest of the school will look the same.

"It’s just such a positive-learning environment, so I'd love to see that in every classroom," said the principal.

The Charlottesville School Board plans to continue to discuss facilities expansion and updates throughout the fall.