CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Parking in one of the two downtown Charlottesville garages will soon be more costly for some drivers.

Starting October 1, the Water Street Parking Garage will operate the same as the Market Street Parking Garage. The change will cause a $15 per month increase for Water Street monthly pass holders.

The Water Street garage was recently acquired by the city and is now managed by Lanier Parking - the same company as the Market Street Garage. Lanier plans to operate each garage’s pricing identically.

“Now, you don’t park in one garage or the other because of the difference in rates,” said Charlottesville Parking Manager Rick Siebert. “It all has to do with what’s convenient to your destination.”

Monthly parkers will pay $135 per month instead of $120. However, the change also means hourly parkers will still only pay $2 per hour and now their first hour will be free.

“The important thing is that we wanted the two garages to operate in exactly the same manner,” Siebert said. “We thought that would be a lot less confusing to people visiting the city as well as people who live here.”

According to Siebert, the revenue generated will go directly toward fully automated pay machines in both garages that will accept case and credit cards.