NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - On Sunday night some people in Nelson County enjoyed a special preview of a new Amazon series coming out next year produced by local film makers in central Virginia.

The new series is called AWOL, which stands for Air Water or Land. The travel show gives viewers a look at the best nature sights across the country, and its first episode takes place in the heart of Nelson County.

The viewing was hosted at Devils Backbone.

"This is just a really exciting little preview and a glimpse as to why everybody loves Nelson County," said Heidi Crandall, a co-founder of Devils Backbone.

"We're fortunate here at Devils Backbone and in Nelson County to have the crew come here and film some of the aspects of the ruralness and the adventure that we have here in Nelson County," said Crandall.

"I think Nelson County is this hidden gem here in Virginia. It's a really great example of a small community but it has this immense amount of resources here," said Verde.

The crew travels the country in search of the best sights nature has to offer.

"It was a great experience filming here so there was no better way to than to come back and to show the folks here in nelson what we have and show them their community from our point of view," Verde said.

The show will air on Amazon in Spring of 2019.

Verde partnered with Devils Backbone to hold the preview of the series as a way of thanking the community. "I thought it was a really good opportunity to us once we were ready to share that to the world to do an early screening before the season came out next year and to say thank you and also just give back to the community that showed us around."

For those who were unable to view the showing on Sunday night, Verde will release the preview of the Nelson County episode on social media within the next few weeks.