NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Students at North Branch School in Nelson County will have a new playground to look forward to when going back to school next week.

The school partnered with the Building Goodness Foundation out of Charlottesville to build a bigger and safer playing area for students. The old playground was close to four decades old and dangerous.

"We have had a structure what the kids like to call the big structure which was 35 years old. It had a slide and a swinging bridge and climbing areas and it was beyond repair," said Bonnie Holliday, the development director.

"I can't wait to see it. I hope I'm here when they first come to see it because I think it's going to light them up," said Building Goodness Foundation volunteer Bruce Wachtel.

Wachtel says this project is dear to his heart. "I've been involved with this school for many years. It's a great place for kids to come learn. My children came here and now my granddaughter is a student here."  

"Volunteers are so crucial to any community and they have been the backbone of the North Branch Community and certainly the Building Goodness Foundation since the organization's existence," said Holliday. 

Some of the new features include climbing walls, a cargo net wall, a slide, a swing-set, a swing bridge and a crow's nest. The playground will be shaped like a ship. 

The project began in July and is scheduled to be ready for students on the first day of school.