CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A civil rights leader paid a visit to Charlottesville on the anniversary of the violent Unite the Right Rally on Sunday morning to spread a message of unity.

Revered Al Sharpton was greeted by a packed house at Mount Zion First African Baptist Church. Sharpton said he chose Charlottesville because in his mind, it’s the scene of a crime and the nation needs to identify it and move forward.

Rev. Sharpton believes his message can help unify the Charlottesville community.

“I think that if I could make the appeal and say that it is important to support young people, black and white, marching together and raise them as the contrast to what we saw with the neo-Nazis,” Rev. Sharpton said.

With all the protests, Rev. Sharpton hopes people will remain strong, passionate, and nonviolent.