CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - On the one-year anniversary of a dark day in Charlottesville’s history, a few citizens brought a little brightness to other people’s day.

On Sunday, August 12, at Mudhouse Coffee on the Downtown Mall, a couple of people teamed up to pay it forward.

They laid down $45 to pay for the orders of the people behind them in line.

“A couple of nice women came in and they bought some coffees for themselves, and they said, ‘let’s throw $25 on a gift card and the next few people who come in line and buy them a coffee too’ and another person came in and said, ‘oh, yeah, well I’ll add to that 20 more dollars,’” Eric Tessier, a Mudhouse barista, said.

Barista Eric Tessir says the cash only lasted about 20 minutes, but that the gesture shows just how friendly Charlottesville truly is.