CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As protesters took to UVA's Grounds Saturday evening, members of the community reflected on the leadership of the school's administration, saying this year's events were much more peaceful than those of last August, but they have still left Charlottesville in a state of unrest. 

Protesters from the UVA community, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other groups protested near the Rotunda Saturday evening.

The crowd’s goal was to reclaim the space that was taken last year by a white supremacists' rally. 

Some say they had hoped for better relations this year.

“Everybody's hopes were it would be different and better under Jim Ryan. So far that's not been the case but again he's only been here what is it? 13 days or 12 days so you got to give him a little time,” said Charlottesville attorney Jeffrey Fogel.

Erin Sloane grew up in Charlottesville and was visiting the Charlottesville area with her family this weekend. Sloane was aware of the demonstrations but was surprised by the turnout of protesters. “If you had told me 20 years ago that 20 years into the future we'd be dealing with white supremacists on grounds, I would've laughed in your face. So the fact that you know what happened last year happened is deeply upsetting and not anything part of the UVA I knew.”

Saturday morning UVA President James Ryan spoke at an event reflecting on the university's response to last year's violence. 

Ryan said the university made mistakes last year and apologized to the community and those attacked during last year's rally.