CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People and businesses downtown are taking time to honor the victims of last year’s violence on August 12 and spread love about the Downtown Charlottesville area.

The memorial honoring Heather Heyer, who died during last year’s violence, has been steadily growing in the days leading up to the anniversary weekend.

The spot where she was struck by a vehicle has attracted visitors dropping off flowers and writing on the walls to honor her legacy.

“It just so happened that we were here and I felt like it was important to stop and reflect,” said Amanda Groen, who was visiting the memorial site.

Some of the cards at the site say “Hate has no home in Charlottesville” and other say in part “We won’t be afraid to stand up for what is right.” The road, now called Heather Heyer Way in her honor, is marked in purple, which was her favorite color.

“I haven’t forgotten, and it’s not  just about remembering her and our communities for one day,” said Kathryn Lecroy, who was also visiting the site. “It’s about recommitting myself every day to fight racism.”

Also being remembered this weekend are two state troopers who lost their lives last August 12. Trooper pilot Berk Bates and lieutenant Jay Cullen died when their helicopter crashed during the afternoon. The cause of their crash is still undetermined.

One downtown business is also hoping to spread love by giving away stickers and posters with the Charlottesville logo on them.

Rock, Paper, Scissors was giving them out on Friday ahead of the weekend’s events and although they will be closed Saturday and Sunday, they will continue handing them out on Monday.