CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Members of local activist group Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) spent Sunday afternoon passing out posters featuring education material in hopes they will be posted throughout the Charlottesville area. 

"Obviously we had to in some way include the Lee statue which is really what we call the lightning rod for all of the attention we've been getting here in Charlottesville," said SURJ activist Grace Aheron.

Hundreds of posters filled the tables at Champion Brewing Company Sunday afternoon.

"We did want to give people symbols of power and symbols of strength that would represent the work that’s been on going here," said Aheron. 

Aheron and her team say they helped design the five different posters, all highlighting a specific political issue related to Charlottesville.

"We're also hoping that these function as a public education tool to help people plug in deeper to the work," said Aheron.

Organizers say the posters have been a year in the making. "We've all been focused around these messages for the last year. What we know is that we wanted to own our narrative," said Amanda Moxham.

The back of the posters feature information related to the picture on the front. Organizers hope the posters can also promote healthy conversation about the events of last August. 

"This work comes from a need for us to be actively doing our own healing. It’s not something that is coming out of anger or frustration," said Moxham.

Aheron says she hopes the posters help encourage the community to get involved. "It creates an emotional reaction and what we want is to give people hope but to also light a fire underneath people and remind them that this city is not healed. There’s so much ongoing work to be done here."

SURJ activists will continue to distribute their posters throughout the week.