CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Book enthusiasts and artists from around the nation gathered in Charlottesville at the Jefferson School City Center for a book binding workshop. The Bookbinding Core Series began Sunday and will last four days. 

"We take them from the beginning steps of how to start to make a book, tools and processes and materials on to making more complex books like journals and slip cases," said Jane Freeman, the course’s instructor. 

After picking up skills in designing, cutting and measuring, participants can make a professional looking book without prior knowledge.  

"This class was just great because it teaches all of the core skills. We had some individual advanced classes that were available closer to where I live in Texas but they required previous experience," said Stephanie Leary, one of the bookmakers.  

"You can sew up a simple book in five minutes or you can spend a day making a book," said Freeman. 

Participants had the chance to explore a wide array of crafting styles. 

"Part of what we think is interesting in book making is obviously the artistic design, how you use materials, how you like color, what it does, in terms of enhancing the structure of the book," Freeman added. 

This event brought people together who share a love for a unique craft. 

If you interested in taking a book binding class you can go to the Virginia Center for the Book website and register.