CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Hundreds of people in Charlottesville's Westhaven neighborhood gathered Saturday to celebrate the twenty-first annual Westhaven Community Day, which promotes unity and fellowship in the community. 

This year’s celebration introduced people to dozens of organizations offering services to the community. The event also hosted fun activities for people of all ages. 

"We are having a block party and we got stuff and we got a lot of people," said Brianna, one of the children enjoying Westhaven Community Day.

Members of the Westhaven community are also able to access resources that are not always available. 

"It’s about bringing the community together. We have so many agencies who serve our neighborhoods but they've never been to our neighborhoods. So this is one way to bring people into our neighborhoods and, you know, just to learn about what the agency done and just have a family fun day," said organizer Joy Johnson. 

For Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney, the day is a chance to foster relationships with members of the community. 

"The best way to build relationships and rapport is to do that at a time where you get to know each other over food, over family and over friendships," said Brackney.  

This is Brackney's first year at Westhaven Community Day. 

"We appreciate the welcoming community. Westhaven has been extremely welcoming to me as I've been here and I look forward to working with them particularly as we address some of the issues that they faced around crime, low wealth and police engagement," Brackney added. 

Brackney says she hopes to attend more events like Westhaven Community Day during her time as chief.