WASHINGTON, DC (WVIR) - Senator Tim Kaine encouraged Congress to quickly approve the 3-D Printed Gun Safety Act.

A Washington court issued a temporary restraining order on Wednesday to stop the blue print release for 3-D printed guns. These 3-D printed guns are made of plastic, undetectable, and untraceable.

Kaine said he’s stunned the Trump Administration dropped its opposition to the matter on Wednesday after the president said the guns don’t make much sense.

“My hope is that the president will rethink the administration’s position and put the administration back on record against the dissemination of this material,” Kaine said. “I hope that the court injunction and, as you know now, many states are, including Virginia, joining in to block the dissemination of that information…but I also hope my colleagues here in the Senate will join for a permanent legislative fix.”

A total of 21 other Senators joined Kaine in introducing the bill earlier this week.