ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Parts of Albemarle County are cleaning up damage and debris created by a strong storm that hit the area Thursday afternoon.

Crystal Chapman was on her way to visit her sister when a tree fell on her car on Galaxie Farm Lane, near Scottsville Road.

"You just heard a big crackle and all of a sudden my whole car was under about five trees," Chapman said. "I was very very scared, and in panic mode. I had my puppy with me, and I'm six-months pregnant, and so I was just worried about getting us all out of there safely."

Chapman and her unborn child were able to get out without any injuries.

Around the same time, reports of damage to Monticello High School came in while staff were in a meeting.

"We were all over at Albemarle High School and my phone went off, which is a signal our alarms gone off,” said Monticello High School Principal Rick Vrhovac. "When I got over here, there was a big dumpster that sits up, that was in the middle, there were trees down, the windows were all out. This whole section of glass behind me, that was all thrown out here."

Several people said they saw a dark cloud coming from across the street.

“Coming right down their driveway was a big dark cloud, and there was debris flying around the cloud and that cloud came to the front of the school," Vrhovac said.

The principal said he does not know when everything will be fixed at the high school. Vrhovac thanks his staff for making sure they followed procedures.

"They got our folks down in the red hallway, which is downstairs in an area where there were no glass, and I want to say thank you to our staff for first making sure all our students and everyone in the building were safe," he said.

Around 7:30 p.m., State Emergency Management confirmed that Thursday's weather event near Monticello High School was a tornado with a 2-mile path length and 70 mph winds.