WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - An anti-pipeline group in the valley is celebrating a major accomplishment.

The Climate Action Alliance of the Valley has raised enough money to create "The Defenders" sculpture.

On Wednesday, August 1, the group held a kick-off party at Seven Arrows Brewing Company in Waynesboro.

This replica of "The Defenders" represents the resistance to a couple of pipelines passing through the valley.

The full-scale anti-pipeline sculpture will be 8 feet tall once it’s completed.

"I would just encourage people to really consider that we each have a moral courage muscle, and we just have to learn how to exercise it so that we'll be ready when the time comes when we really want to defend what is precious to us," says Cathy Strickler, the founder of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley.

"The Defenders" sculpture is expected to be finished in early September and it will travel to various places.

Its first location will be the Rockfish Valley Natural History Center on Route 151 in Nelson County.