ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - James Monroe's Highland is changing the way people see history.

The historic site has officially launched its augmented reality tour, where you can see people of Monroe's time interact.

Highland is the only place in country right now offering these hi-tech tours. The presidential estate has been testing out the gear for the last five months.

Visitors simply put on a pair of eye gear that attaches around the head, and use a clicker to go through the tour. The tour is mostly outside, and includes images and animated sequences between people who were alive during Monroe's time.

Highland has added more visuals, and recreated some old ones.

"In 2016, we announced that we had found the remains of Monroe's original main house here and that was a big big exciting thing, but it's still underground. And now we actually, with the digital rendering of that 1799 house, folks will be able to see it right in front of them. It's pretty awesome," said Jason Woodle, marketing events manager.

Woodle adds that this technology provides context to history.

Right now Highland is offering these tours alongside the regular guided tour.