CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - At the upcoming Charlottesville City Council meeting Monday, Council will receive a detailed briefing regarding the city's preparations for the Unite the Right rally's one year anniversary.

City councilors will have the opportunity to ask city staff and members of the Emergency Planning Team questions that may have arisen after last Thursday's public briefing. 

The staff could also reveal new details about road closures planned for the weekend of August 11 and 12.

Due to a summer break, Monday's meeting is the last before August 12. 

Council will vote on whether or not to give the Director of the Emergency Management Team (EMT) the authority to act on behalf of Council in certain situations during the month of August. 

The city says it has prepared for the worst case scenarios, but City Spokesman Brian Wheeler says Monday night's meeting will ensure Council, city staff and the EMT are all in agreement.

Wheeler said, "We may have the road closures ready for that council meeting, so we may be able to share with the public the roads that are closed. Really it’s a chance for the elected officials to ask this unified regional team about the preparations, they may have heard a question from the public last week and this will be a chance they can follow up."

Council will also be asked to vote to restrict weapons not only in areas where there are permitted events, but also in any restricted safety area designated by police. 

Wheeler says this is an effort to ensure people's safety in areas surrounding Justice and Emancipation Parks on the anniversary weekend.

According to Wheeler, there is still a lot of information the public needs to be informed of before August 11 and 12, but the city is waiting to release that information until Jason Kessler's federal court appeal to hold a rally is decided on July 24.

Monday night's meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm.