CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With recent temperatures reaching new highs, now is not a good time for cooling system issues, but people who live in a Charlottesville public housing community say theirs is acting up.

Residents of the Crescent Halls apartment complex in Charlottesville say their apartments aren’t cooling off properly. One apartment in the complex reached as high as 80 degrees.

One woman who lives in at Crescent Halls says the thermostats in the rooms are not controlled by them. The cooling system issue doesn’t seem to be widespread, but it has been a challenge for those without it. Another resident said maintenance crews came out on Tuesday to fix the issue, but needed another part.

Other people living in Crescent Halls say it’s a continuation of what has happened every summer for the past few years.

“I know they paid for them with a lot of money and I just don’t think they would be satisfied if they paid that type of money for their house and had this type of result,” said president of the Crescent Halls Tenant Association and resident Deborah Booker, referring to a $130,000 chiller system that was installed last summer. “I wish they would start treating us like they would treat themselves with their parents.” 

Booker says they’re creating a list of people without air to report to the housing authority. As of Wednesday morning, roughly 15 people were without cool air. Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority was reached for comment on Wednesday, but were closed due to the Independence Day holiday.