CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The group of people tasked with holding the Charlottesville Police Department accountable will now total eight members.

City Council appointed a new member to the Civilian Review Board at its meeting on Monday, July 2.

Councilors appointed Rosia Parker to the board, making her the only committee member representing the city's public housing community.

"Well, with me being appointed, I really do appreciate the City Council for amending their wrong,” says Parker.

City Council unanimously approved Parker's appointment Monday night, but she says the invitation is a little delayed.

“But what took so long, you know, they said that the comments overrode their decision in picking the seven that was chosen," says Parker.

Councilors appointed seven members for a one-year term on the board at the beginning of June following community input. However, some people raised concerns after Parker and another candidate were not chosen.

"I was a little distraught because I knew I was very valuable to the board because I know a lot more than what they think I know," says Parker.

This first group of board members will set the guidelines and mission with a focus on ensuring police really do serve and protect the city’s inhabitants.

Parker says she looks forward to working with the city's new police chief, RaShall Brackney.

"I would like to see it achieve that, hopefully working with the chief of police that the ones that are wrong, the ones that are bad to community that they may be weeded out,” says Parker.

And she says it's time to take action.

"It's time for them to amend their wrong, it's time for us to stand up as citizens and take our place and do what is necessary to be done - and that's to make them responsible for their actions," says Parker.

As the Civilian Review Board is still new, members have not yet had a formal meeting. Officials say they are working to select a date.